Happily married man with wonderful children. An RCCG parish pastor with a deep passion for youth development. A teachers and advisor, a charitable man, a lover of Christian drama/film and digital evangelism.

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Abiodun is a business leader and consultant who has worked with large multinationals including ‘Xerox, Pfizer, and smaller firms. He is a strategic, innovative thinker and conscientious Servant Leader. 

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Abiodun Bamgbala, is a serial entrepreneur, goal-getter, with vision, excellent and strong commitment, a man of versatile track records and productivity in life and business 

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Business Development

Solutions-oriented Business Manager with over 15 years of experience, possessing a unique combination of skills, including business analysis, project management and business improvement process. Experience in the area of corporate consolidation, budgeting, financial planning, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

The Industries I serve

My experience, along with the knowledge of industry-specific business and accomplishments, is what gives me enough power to serve these industries.

Project  Management

Support you at any level in your project from the design to implementation.

Finance and Business

Provision of professional financial training / mentoring for business transformation.


I provide financial services to people that earn low, irregular, and unpredictable income.

Communication Skills

Exceptional communication skills to deliver executive coaching services to partners.

Retail Services

Communication of experiences remains positive with customers to make purchases.

Finance Services

I deliver far more value than outsourcing accounting. This often provides glorified bookkeeping with compliance-based reporting.

Business and Process Automation

Innovatively support companies and individuals to work smarter for smarter results.

Business Support Services

I build Synergy through partnership and all kinds of enabling Services.